My name is Mohammad Mahfoud. I was born in Latakia, Syria in 1965, but have been living in Denmark for the past 20 years.
I’m married to my Faroese wife Vigdis since 1989. Together we have two daughters and a son. I work as a driving instructor in Copenhagen. I have an interest in boxing, going hunting and furthermore, I am the chairman of the Danish Syrian Association (Dansk Syrisk Forening). A union founded in 2011 by Syrians residing in Denmark with the purpose to gather Syrians in Denmark in a tense time, and show people here and in Syria, that we will always support our home country, no matter where in the world, we Syrians are living.

If you have further questions or anything, always feel free to contact me.

Mohammad Mahfoud
Chairman – Danish Syrian Association
Copenhagen, Denmark
Tel. 0045 21839165